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Which Type of Window Is Right for Your Home in Kalamazoo, MI, or One of the Surrounding Areas?

At SIR Home Improvements, we offer many types of beautiful windows that all have one hallmark in common: They’re a terrific value for your investment. All of the windows we install meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® standards for protecting your home in the Kalamazoo area. This means you can rest assured that any new windows you buy from SIR Home Improvements will help your home stay comfortable year-round without undue demand on your heating and cooling systems. And that may translate into savings on your monthly utility bills.

What’s more, we’ve been in the home improvement business in this part of Michigan since 1980, which means we’re well-versed in the types of windows that best flatter the architectural styles of homes in this region. We’ll be happy to use our expertise to help you choose replacement windows that will add a pleasing accent to your home while also standing up to the weather. Additionally, we provide expert installation services by factory-trained technicians, so you can have confidence that your windows will not only enhance your home’s curb appeal but also perform as advertised for many years to come. In fact, many of our windows come with lifetime warranties.

Types of Windows We Offer

Double-Hung Window

This type of window is one of our most popular because it compliments almost any style of architecture and provides numerous benefits. Exquisitely crafted from uPVC or top-quality virgin vinyl, the frames will never rot, chip, or peel, and the sashes tilt inward so that you can easily clean them without stepping outside your home. They are also made with locking zinc tilt pins to eliminate any concerns about dropping a sash while cleaning.

Double Casement Window

This elegant style of hinged window features two panes of glass that swing outward to open and can extend to a full 90-degree angle. Many homeowners choose this style because it provides optimal airflow into the home whenever the weather is nice. The casement windows we install come with a multi-point locking system for added protection against forced entry, and there’s a generous selection of colors and simulated woodgrain finishes to choose from.

Picture Window

Our lovely picture window consists of a large expanse of glass cradled by top-caliber vinyl frames. This style of window is fixed and cannot be opened but makes a stunning decorative accent, especially when paired with other types of windows. Our picture windows are available in a number of specialty shapes, including full circle, quarter arch, octagon, and hexagon shapes.

Bay Window

Our custom bay window is typically configured as a centerpiece picture window with your choice of operable casement or double-hung windows on either side. The configuration is angled so that the window projects outward and provides an interior seating area if desired. For the interior, we offer a birch or oak veneer header and seat that is hand-sanded as part of its top-quality construction.

Slider Window

This style is a popular choice for homeowners who want a window that can open without disturbing interior shelving or furniture or outdoor landscaping. The glass panels of this window style open and close by sliding horizontally and can also be a great choice when you want windows to fill a large opening and offer an ample view of the outdoors.

Garden Window

Our innovative garden windows make great additions to kitchens and family rooms and are an ideal choice if you enjoy having foliage indoors. These tough vinyl windows are available in numerous colors and simulated woodgrain finishes. They are installed so that they project outward and can include optional acrylic shelving to hold plants and pottery. They also feature screened casement-window vents to provide your plants with the nourishment they require.

Hopper Window

This type of window is hinged at the bottom and opens inward from the top, making it an ideal choice for adding ventilation to a basement. They’re also designed for easy cleaning.

For more information about the types of windows we expertly install for homeowners in Kalamazoo and surrounding areas, contact SIR Home Improvements today.

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We’re proud of our many years of providing top-notch residential upgrades that add value to our customers’ homes. However, through SIR Home Cares, we make additional contributions that help homeowners and the world by offering complimentary energy-saving programs for homeowners and by supporting programs for people in need.
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SIR Home Improvements is a proud participant in Baths for the Brave, a program that provides top-quality walk-in tubs and showers to veterans with disabilities free of charge. This program allows our cherished veterans to enjoy a safer home environment while maintaining their dignity and independence.
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Every customer who purchases a home upgrade from SIR Home Improvements is eligible for our complimentary Energy Solution System, a program that has generated enormous energy savings since we began offering it in 2011. This program comprises an energy audit of your home, identification of the sources of air leaks, and sealing services as needed.
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